Flipping Real Estate Course

A proven step by step course to help
guide you through the process of flipping
real estate from start to finish


35+ Recordings on Flipping


10+ Videos with Experts


8+ hours of Flipping Content


25 + PDFs and Templates
What you are going to learn

Finding, Funding, Fixing & Flipping Real Estate

     In this course you will learn the many ways there are to find your next off-market deal

     You will learn how to get your deal funded with hard money lenders and private investors so that you don't have to come out of pocket.

     You will understand the process it takes to rehab a property with various contractors including what contracts to use to protect your asset.

     Learn how to sell your house in under 30 days with some of the best agents in your area.

Throughout this course you will uncover the
secrets on how to:

    Find Properties at a Discounted Price

    Analyze Deals To Make Sure You're Profitable

    Fund Your Deals Without Using Your Money

    Put Together a Construction Team
    Protect Your Deal at All Times
    Maximize the Design of Your Project
    Professionally Plan Your Renovations
    Sell Your Flip in Less Than 30 Days\

: Enjoy over 10 Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts from various fields related to Real Estate!

Learn How to Find Cheap Houses

Learn to Work with Real Estate Agents

Learn How to Fund Your Deals

Learn How to Access Your Home's Equity

Learn How to Build a Professional Team

Learn How to Analyze Your Deals

Learn How to Inspect Your Houses

Learn How to Design Your Flip with Style

Learn How to Rehab Your Flip Projects

Learn How to Manage Your Flips

Learn How to Sell Your Houses Quickly

Learn How to Make Money Work for You

Meet your instructor

Roberto Green Jr

Roberto Green is a real estate investor based out of Boston, Massachusetts with over 12 years of combined experience in the financial and real estate industries. Early in his career he served in Asset Management and Wealth Management Services for State Street Bank. After having a progressive career he then became a Compliance Reporting Services Officer for J.P. Morgan.

Post Corporate America, Roberto later transitioned to becoming a full time entrepreneur in 2018 and currently owns 3 Dominican restaurants known as "Las Palmas Restaurant" including 2 locations inside of MIT and Harvard University. Throughout this time, Roberto also became a private investor for real estate transactions, landlord for multi-unit properties, property manager for out-of-state buy and hold investments and a house flipper. 
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